Contact details: BBC Radio 4 Feedback programme

The Radio 4 Feedback programme is broadcast on Friday lunchtime at 1.30pm and Sunday evenings at 8.00pm.

If you would like to comment on yesterday’s Your and Yours programme write to:

PO Box 2100
London W1A 1QT
Phone: 0870 803 4544

or email Feedback

Alternatively fill in the online form with your comments.


2 thoughts on “Contact details: BBC Radio 4 Feedback programme

  1. When I hear controversy pronounced as con-troversee instead of contro-versee I start to love Martha Carney a little less.
    Do you still have a the Pronunciation Unit which David Crystal controlled?

    Best Wishes

  2. The BBC does still have a Pronunciation Unit

    The BBC Pronunciation Research Unit is staffed by professional linguists and provides advice about pronunciations in all languages.

    PDF Phonetic Spelling System (120 Kb)
    PDF Text Spelling (20 Kb)

    Our aim is to ensure that pronunciations used on the BBC are accurate and consistent, and our advice is free of charge to independent programme makers producing BBC programmes as well as BBC staff.

    Please don’t hesitate to telephone us to discuss your research requirements. We will require details of the programme and an idea of how quickly you need the advice. You can also post or fax scripts to us with the pronunciations marked. When you phone we can also discuss the best format for you to receive the pronunciations – we can give verbal advice down the phone or email a Word document to you. Queries can also be emailed, faxed or posted to us. Our contact details are here.

    Pronunciations can be given in either of two written phonetic spelling systems, the BBC Modified Spelling or text spelling. Guides to both these systems are available to download. In exceptional circumstances (e.g. if child actors are involved) we are also able to supply spoken pronunciations as digital sound files.

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