Statement from the GSRME [The Gibson Group]

Issued 18 May 2007 by the Office of Dr Ian Gibson, MP

Statement from the Group on Scientific Research into ME

The GSRME has now disbanded. The Group was formed with the express intention of undertaking an Inquiry into CFS/ME. The Inquiry has been completed and as such the members have now moved onto other projects. Please see the report of the Groups final meeting for further details.

The Group would like to thank all those who participated in the Inquiry. Thank you for your oral and written evidence and for your support throughout. The Group is still waiting for responses from some Government Ministries and once these are collected they will be published on the Group’s website. Several of the Group members will remain active in ME campaigning through the APPG on ME. Much remains to be done in the political sphere, on the horizon are both the NICE and DWP guidelines, which the APPG on ME will be keeping a close eye on. For details of the APPG on ME meetings please visit the Action for ME news page.